Scope of conditions application

The Conditions are applied to the following products of Company.

(the “Services”):

website pages, website contents, service, databases, information messages, agreements and applications, software products which are directly presented at the website of Company or can be obtained at Company’s initiative in another manner, including soft or hard copies.

Acceptance of conditions

To use Company’s services, you shall first express your agreement with the Conditions. You can not use the Services if you have not accepted the Conditions.

You can accept the Conditions:

1. Giving your consent to the Offer Agreement conditions (after the registration on the Personal Account, filling in the Application for opening an account).

2. Actually using Company’s service. In this event you understand and agree that the fact of your using the Services is your agreement with the Conditions once you begin using them.

Service rendering limitations

You can not use the Services if you have not reached the age set by the law allowing you to make a legally binding agreement with Company., or if you are a person who, pursuant to the laws of the state which you reside in or from within which you use the Service, is forbidden to use/receive these services.

You acknowledge and agree that, although currently Company’s does not set any limits with regards to the permitted maximum of messages you can send or receive using the services, or with regards to the stored information used in rendering the Services, Company is entitled, at its discretion, to set such limits at any time.

You acknowledge and agree that, although currently Invest Express Inc.’s does not set any limits with regards to the permitted maximum of the customer’s transactions, Invest Express Inc. is entitled, at its discretion, to set such limits at any time.

Language and Conditions

If you use the Conditions in the versions of translation into the languages presented at Invest Express Inc.’s website, you agree that the translation is presented solely for convenience of familiarization and that your relations with Invest Express Inc. in terms of the Conditions are regulated by the English version of the Conditions.

In case of any discrepancies between the English version of the Conditions and its translation, the English version of the conditions will prevail.

Rendering services by Company.

The Company regularly introduces new developments to provide its customers with the best opportunities, which can result in the change of the Conditions form and contents. The nature of the Services can depend on global changes in financial markets. You acknowledge and agree that Invest Express Inc. can change the form and contents of the Services at its discretion without prior notification but necessarily communicating it on the company website based on the fact of the changes.

At the same time, if it is commercially reasonable, Company will seek to notify you in advance on the prospective changes in the Services in the manner available for the Company

No guarantees

Invest Express Inc.’s activity is targeted at rendering the Services according to international standards in the Forex market. We seek to cooperate with the most reliable suppliers of information. However, in compliance with the practice accepted worldwide, the Services are provided “as is”, consequently you will not be provided with any guarantees with regards to the Services. Company expressly waives any guarantees, direct or indirect, including, without limitation, the guarantee of merchantability or suitability for certain purposes. Invest Express Inc. does not provide any representations or warranties that

Using the Services by you will meet your requirements,

Using the Services by you will be uninterrupted, will always be possible at the time convenient for you, will be safe or not subject to errors or defaults,

Any information you receive will be accurate and reliable,

Defaults of the software provided to you as a part of the Services will be corrected immediately,

Using the Services, you agree that the mistakes and/or omissions in the information provided shall not be a ground for demands, claims or proceedings against Company or information suppliers

Using Services by you

You agree to use the Services solely for the purposes determined by contractual relations with Company, and by any applicable laws, regulations, commonly accepted practice in the relevant jurisdiction, with regards to the data export, software and other information.

Information presented at Company’s website is meant solely for the persons residing or staying in the country where provision of such Services or investments does not contradict the local legislation. The person using or intending to use Company’s services will be responsible for observing the requirements of the local legislation.

You agree that any copying, using, storing, modifying, transmitting or commercial use of the Services without Company’s written consent is prohibited.

You agree that the Services are provided for information purposes, not taking into account obligatory investment, financial, legal, commercial, taxation and other actions. It is just the position of the Company, which in no way disposes the customers to any of the above-mentioned actions using the Services.

You agree that you take all risks related to making a certain investment, financial, legal, commercial or another decision in usage or intended usage of the Services.